Professional Accounting Software for Sole Traders

Sharing responsibilities of small businesses to help them grow!

  • Automate time-taking tasks
  • Manage multiple projects
  • Track business performance
  • Manage suppliers and customers

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Why sole traders should choose Moneypex?

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Paperless invoicing

Moneypex can help businesses in UK to eliminate paper invoices and cheques. Going paperless reduces many onerous tasks.

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Highly flexible functionalities

Moneypex connects departments and finances for efficient operations. Real-time data keep everyone updated.

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Complete expense tracking

Moneypex monitors business spending through bank feeds and statements. Even keep detailed previous records to help you in tax season.


Simplify Billing

Revamp your business billing with best accounting software for sole traders.

All in one billing solution

Moneypex handles invoicing, due and paid amount records, and automated payment reminders professionally.

Sync bank statements

All of your bank and credit card transactions are synced with Moneypex, allowing you to keep track of your earnings and expenses with ease.

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Forecast Your Cash Flow

Experience the easiest way to forecast your cash flow.

Know your financial resource better

Cash flow predictions based on regular expenses and transactions give a view into the future.

Real-time reporting

Moneypex's financial reports illustrate your profitability, cash flow, and your overall performance of your business.

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Manage Suppliers & Manufacturers

We help you create a better relationship with your suppliers & manufacturers.

Complete supplier records

Keep detailed records of paid or due payments and stocks, plan supplier advances, and more.

Strong supplier relationship

Automating invoice handling and payment helps businesses maintain healthy supplier relationships with on-time payments.

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Tackle Tax Time

Making your tax life easier with valuable features.

MTD compliance

Accounting software for sole traders to assemble a self-assessment tax return with confidence by keeping each and every track of your transactions.

Errorless VAT returns

All tax deductions are automatically calculated. You'll have exact figures of VAT to submit to HMRC in UK.

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Frequently asked questions

Sole traders pay tax on self-employment income. You pay income tax based on the profitability of your business. Every UK citizen gets a tax-free exemption before their income is taxed, so deduct it from your total income to calculate your taxable income.
You'll have to pay “Self Assessment Income Tax” if you're a sole trader. Currently, in UK, you have to pay income tax of “Class 2 and 4 National Insurance” on all of your business profits that are taxable.
Accounting software can assist you to do basic things like tracking performance, sending invoices, keeping track of expenses, and filing your tax returns to HMRC in line with the latest Making Tax Digital rules in UK.
When it comes to how registering as a sole trader, it couldn't be easier, and you only need to fill out a small amount of paperwork. You'll have to give information about yourself and your business, like your “National Insurance Number”. You'll need to tell HMRC that you're switching to self-assessment tax status and fill out a tax return every year. Before your income is taxed, you have a personal allowance of £12,500. Connecting your HMRC account to Moneypex makes it easy to send your VAT returns online.
Both terms are often used interchangeably, but there is a slight difference between the two. A sole trader is someone who works for himself, but not everyone who works for himself is a sole trader.

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