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Registering and Submitting VAT with Moneypex

Moneypex helps you become MTD compliant and submit VAT returns to HMRC in few clicks. Calculate VAT tax, create and submit VAT invoices, and even generate VAT reports to stay tax-ready all year long.

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Making Tax Digital UK

Setup MTD in Moneypex

Set up your taxes before you make transactions. Moneypex auto-populates UK's standard tax rates, making tax preparation easier. VAT will be added to all transactions based on the rules you specify. So, you can easily submit automatically calculated VAT returns to HMRC.

what is mtd

Get Started with Your VAT Returns

Detailed Guide: How to Submit VAT with Moneypex

I need to setup VAT in Moneypex

To submit VAT returns through Moneypex, you’ll need to know the following information.

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Your VAT registration number

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HMRC government gateway user ID and password

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Your VAT submission regularity

How to Setup VAT in Moneypex

Step 1 signup

Login to Moneypex accounting software.

step 2 click get started

Select Get Started to setup VAT.

step  3 fill in details

Fill the required fields on prompted screen.

step 4 add Vat while signing up

Click Settings, select organization details, to enter VAT registration number.

Sign up for MTD with HMRC

After setting up VAT in Moneypex, sign up for MTD on GOV.UK website. After login, HMRC will email you your MTD Government Gateway user ID and password.

How to Setup

step 1 go to gov

Visit gov.uk website.

step 2 signin gateway

Enter your Government Gateway user ID and password to sign in. If your business isn't eligible for MTD, you'll get a message on screen.

step3 verify email

If your business is MTD eligible, follow the on-screen directions and validate your email.

Step4 continue

Read terms of participation and select Accept and continue. HMRC confirms if you may submit VAT Returns under MTD within 24 hours.

Authorize Moneypex to Connect with HMRC

You need to grant Moneypex permission to interact with HMRC to submit your VAT returns directly from accounting software to government.

How to Authorize Moneypex

select vat from menu

Login to Moneypex and go to VAT and select submit VAT.

click yes

Click submit VAT, and Moneypex will direct you to gov.uk HMRC page.

Step 3 signin gateway hmrc

Enter your HMRC credentials to sign in.

step 4 allow moneypex to interact with hmrc

Once logged in, select Give permission to let Moneypex connect to HMRC.

Setup  Vat

b Sign up for MTD with HMRC

Once you’ve setup VAT in Moneypex, then you need to sign up for MTD with HMRC.

Authorize moneypex

c Authorize Moneypex to Connect with HMRC

After setting up VAT in Moneypex, sign up for MTD on GOV.UK website. After login, HMRC will email you your MTD Government Gateway user ID and password.

vat complete

d Submit VAT usin MTD

Once you've authorized Moneypex to connect with HMRC, you're ready to submit VAT via MTD.


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Save 70% For First 3 Months

Try Moneypex For Free


Save 70% For First 3 Months

Try Moneypex For Free


Save 70% For First 3 Months

Try Moneypex For Free

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UK government project Making Tax Digital (MTD) aims to streamline the way businesses record their earnings, expenses, and taxes. MTD aims to make it easier, more efficient, and more effective for taxpayers to report and pay the right amount of tax.

Making Tax Digital (MTD) is part of the government's long-term plan to make sure that all taxpayers use software for accurate accounting and tax reporting. Auto calculation of tax saves you in tax-season.

Once you set tax criteria according to your country or region. Accounting software automatically calculates taxes from total sales and purchases according to that criteria. Accounting software also generates total VAT returns reports for whole year, so you can pay easily to HMRC.

Yes, you can sign up for MTD and pay VAT returns to HMRC through Moneypex accounting software. You just have connect your accounting software to HMRC and then, you can pay VAT returns directly from there.

Statistics show that most spreadsheets have mistakes, and it's not always easy to find and fix them. Using accounting software provides accurate records and right amount of tax on them, which makes VAT returns payment easy.

Yes, but only when used in conjunction with the bridging software. To automatically replicate the data from the spreadsheet into the software, you will require spreadsheet bridging software.

Accounting software like Moneypex, which is MTD compatible and HMRC approved. You can directly pay your VAT returns to HMRC by connecting Moneypex accounting software to your HMRC account.

Accounting software like Moneypex is MTD-compatible software. That enables MTD's digital recordkeeping and data exchange with HMRC.

Under MTD, HMRC proposes to apply a simple points-based penalty system to late filings and payments. If penalty points exceed the limit, a financial penalty is incurred. Businesses with valid reasons can appeal penalty points.
Penalty points expire if there are no more late payments or submission issues.

When you use Moneypex accounting software, submitting your VAT Return in accordance with MTD is a breeze. Once you have completed your accounting for the period, your VAT Return is immediately computed and ready for submission to HMRC in just a few clicks.